To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I posted on Facebook one way you could show your love to your partner each day for the month of February. Here they are all in one place, in case you missed them.

  1. Get your partner flowers. Bonus if you live somewhere you can pick wildflowers this time of year. Just make sure it’s legal.
  2. Get your partner their favorite candy.
  3. Hold hands when you are together (in the car, watching TV, etc.)
  4. Kiss every time you see each other.
  5. Say “I love you” every chance you get.
  6. Do your partner’s least favorite chore if you are able.
  7. Cook you partner’s favorite meal.
  8. Eat out at your partner’s favorite restaurant.
  9. Volunteer somewhere together.
  10. Watch a movie your partner picks that would ordinarily make you roll your eyes without rolling your eyes.
  11. Snuggle in bed, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  12. Take a walk with each other in nature.
  13. Take a bubble bath together. Light the room with candles.
  14. Make love in some place other than your bed.
  15. Wear the outfit your partner loves to see you in the most.
  16. Cook a meal together.
  17. Give your partner a massage.
  18. Write your partner a love note.
  19. Compliment your partner every time you see them during the day.
  20. Leave sweet little notes, or dirty messages, or little trinkets in unexpected places for your partner to find.
  21. Surprise your partner with their favorite beer, wine, coffee, ice cream or other guilty pleasure.
  22. Make your partner breakfast in bed.
  23. Grab your favorite romance novel and read the sexy bits to each other.
  24. Do something you used to love doing together that you don’t get to do any more, like dancing, hiking, throwing clay in the nude, whatever.
  25. Send your partner a text or email just to let them know you are thinking of them.
  26. Send your partner a text or email with a fantasy you have. Sometimes it’s easier to write them down than to say them out loud.
  27. Try to make one of your partner’s fantasies come true. (It should go without saying – keep it legal and safe.)
  28. Renew your commitment to one another – either formally or informally, in private or with friends.

Remember, love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day or the month of February. Spread the love everyday!

Your favorite way to show your love isn’t on this list? Add it below in the comments!