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The Girl in the Gallery: E-book and paperback editions available now!

The Girl in the GalleryHenry held Kate tightly in his arms as they looked at the city lights dancing on the bay. The last of their guests had left the party, and they were left alone to their own memories. Kate traced the embossed text on the invitation for their anniversary celebration with her finger. “Fifty years,” she whispered, a gentle smile playing on her lips.

Henry nuzzled her behind the ear, and she purred like she always did when he touched her that way, the way she did the day they met their senior year of high school back in 1994. “I still remember the day we met like it was yesterday,” Henry said, his lips brushing against her neck. Kate closed her eyes and was transported back to the beginning of it all, when everything was new, emotions ran raw, and anything was possible.

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The Reunion 
Coming Eventually

The ReunionMeet Liliana and Brett. Although mutually attracted to each other as seniors at River Valley High School, circumstances prevented them from acting upon it. All they managed was a single dance at the prom. That’s all it took to leave a lasting impression. While life took them in separate directions, they never truly forgot about each other. Ten years later, an invitation to their high school reunion causes their paths to converge. Is this the start of their second chance or does life have other plans for them?

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Short Stories

Oracle Always Knows 
in the anthology Solstice: A Winter Anthology Vol. 3: Available Now

Cecilia has gone on her last disaster of a blind date, vowing never again. She asks the universe to send her what she wants and spends the winter season preparing herself for something new. Will the universe supply? Only Oracle knows.

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The Bench 
in the anthology Beach Holidays: Available Now

Sydney is hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. It's also her parents' wedding anniversary. Given their recent penchant for bickering with each other, Sydney isn't hopeful for a joyous celebration. Can the special gift she has for them will work its magic one more time?

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Afternoon Showers 
in the anthology Beach Fun: Available Now

Angela owns a bed and breakfast and is in desperate need of a new chef. Emily quits her job as chef at the Purple Octopus after her boss’s latest, most aggressive advance. A sudden summer rain shower forces Emily and Angela to seek shelter in the bandstand and they discover the spark they shared as teenagers is still there. Emily unknowingly answers Angela’s ad for a new chef. While Emily questions the wisdom of accepting a position that might compromise her professional integrity, Angela vows to provide Emily with a safe place to work. Can Angela and Emily strike a balance between friendship, professionalism, and romance?

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Another Day at the Fucking Office 
in the anthology What Sort of Fuckery is This?: Available now

Elena is a senior security analyst at Cypress Credit. Despite repeated attempts to enact stronger security measures at Cypress, she can’t make any progress. After reading another headline announcing a security breach at BaileyWard Investments and again having management disregard her suggestions for improved security, Elena decides to hack Cypress herself and teach them a lesson. Will her efforts have the desired effect or will it all be for naught?

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Mixolydian Dreams 
in the anthology Beach Dreams: Available Now

Brandon has always wanted to open a jazz and blues club. After wiping out his savings, his dreams come true when he launches The Mixolydian Club, but on opening night his house pianist, Fitz, calls to tell him he’s been injured and can’t play for the next six weeks. In walks Zara, chasing after her runaway dog Robee. Zara, who just happens to play piano and who might be the answer to Brandon’s problems. When Fitz returns, he disappoints Brandon’s customers, who all want Zara back. The problem? A vacationing record executive saw Zara perform and has offered her a recording contract in Manhattan. Now Brandon has to decide between his own dreams and Zara’s.

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What’s this all about? Thanks for asking!

I am a recovering paralegal, avid reader, and now a writer. A New England native, I grew up in Connecticut and am now a Mid-Atlantic transplant where I live with my husband and son. When I am not writing, I can often be found teaching myself to play piano and ukulele, or listening to a range of eclectic music. I also enjoy long bike rides with my family and have fun dying my hair purple. I cannot whistle, and I don’t like the taste of honey.

I have always liked writing. I was that weird kid in your class who didn’t complain about the next writing assignment. I may have groaned along with you, but secretly I was worried about how to stay within the page limits, not how to reach them! While I’ve spent a huge part of my life reading other authors’ books, I never tried writing my own novel before, until now.

My first novel, The Girl in the Gallery, started off as an experiment spawned by a minor identity crisis on one usually jarring birthday. Starting off as a personal challenge, I soon discovered that the more I wrote, the harder it was to stop until Henry and Kate’s story was told. I enjoyed creating their world. I hope you enjoy discovering it.

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